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Exempt Water Well Registration Form

EXEMPT WELLS – Domestic, Agricultural, Monitoring and Railroad Commission wells
Rule 8.3 of the BGCD Rules allows certain wells to be operated, after being registered, without a pumpage (production) permit from the District. These wells are referred to as “exempt wells”. The following types of water wells are classified as exempt wells:

  • A well used for domestic use on a single tract of land (domestic well).
  • A well used for supplying water for agricultural activities (agricultural well).
  • A well supplying water for drilling or exploration operations permitted by the Texas Railroad Commission.
  • A well authorized by the Texas Railroad Commission permit for mining activities.

If an exempt well was drilled and completed prior to the start of well registration by the District, the Well Registration Form must be completed and filed with the District. The District realizes that the current well owner/operator may not have all the information required to complete this form. As much information as the current owner/operator has available is to be entered on the form and the form returned to the District. There is no fee for registering an existing exempt well.

For new exempt wells to be drilled after the start of well registration by the District, the Well Registration Form must be completed and filed with the District prior to the start of any work to drill the well. Drilling operations may not begin until a Well Development Authorization is obtained from the District. In emergency circumstances contact the District office for procedures for obtaining an emergency approval to proceed. Please note that emergency approvals will not be issued because the proper application has not been filed with the District and the driller is ready to proceed with drilling operations.

There is no Well Development fee for a new exempt well. However, a Well Log Deposit of $100.00 must accompany the Well Development Application. All or part of this deposit will be refunded if documentation pertaining to the drilling of the well, including copies of the drillers logs, are submitted to the District within 60 days after completion of the well.

If after registering an exempt well, the use of the water produced by the well is to be changed to a non-exempt use, additional operating permits must be obtained from the District prior to the use of the water produced being changed. Contact the District office for details on the form that will need to be filed with the District and for the approvals that will have to be obtained from the District.

Contact the District office if there are any questions about the registration process for exempt wells.

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