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Non-Exempt Water Well Drilling Registration Application

NON-EXEMPT WELLS – Commercial, Industrial, Public Water Supply, Recreational and Transportation
See Rules 8.5 and 8.6 for additional details. Each original application for non-exempt well registration, pumpage permits, transport permits, well plugging, well drilling, or well modification authorization requires a separate application.  Application forms will be provided by the District and provided to the applicant by request.  An application for a pumpage permit and transport permit shall be in writing and sworn.  Applications shall contain:

  • the name and mailing address of the applicant and the name and address of the owner of the land, if different from the applicant, on which the well is to be located;
  • if the applicant is not the owner of the property, documentation establishing the applicable authority to construct and operate a well on the owner’s property for the proposed use;
  • a statement of the nature and purpose of the proposed use and the amount of water to be used for each purpose.
  • availability of feasible and practicable alternative supplies to the applicant.
  • a statement of the projected effect of the proposed withdrawal on the aquifer or aquifer conditions, depletion, subsidence, or effects on existing permit holders or other groundwater users in the District; in the case of non-exempt wells capable of producing over 7,000,000 gallons annually, a hydrogeological report by a licensed geoscientist or licensed engineer shall be submitted to evaluate these factors;
  •  the applicant’s water conservation plan and, if any subsequent user of the water is a municipality or entity providing retail water services, the water conservation plan of that municipality or entity shall also be provided.  In lieu of a water conservation plan, a declaration that the applicant and/or a subsequent user if any subsequent user is a municipality or entity providing retail water services will comply with the District’s management plan, when one is adopted;
  • the location of the well(s), the estimated rate at which water will be withdrawn, the production capacity of the well(s), and where the water is proposed to be used;
  • a well closure plan or a declaration that the applicant will comply with well plugging guidelines and report closure to the applicable authorities, including the District;
  • the identity of the well driller, including the well driller’s license number;
  • the names and addresses of the property owners, and the location of their wells within a half-mile radius of the location of the well(s) from which water is to be produced;
  • to the extent required under Rule 8.5D, proof of notification of the application to all landowners within a half (1/2) mile radius of the property where the well or wells are located and to all well owners within a half (1/2) mile radius of any of the proposed production wells, along with the publisher’s affidavit and tear sheet showing publication of the notice; and
  • any other information required by the General Manager or Board.

Applications for well registration, pumpage permits, transport permits, well plugging, well drilling, or well modification authorization shall be made in the name of the well owner or property owner on a form or forms provided by the District.  The sworn, original application must be submitted and signed by the owner or an authorized agent of the owner, who may be required to provide the District with a notarized authorization from the owner.  This agent may be the well driller, lessee or renter of the property or well, power of attorney, or other appropriate agent.  District staff will determine if an application is administratively complete.

An administratively complete application will consist of the submission to the District of an original, completed, signed, and notarized application, payment of all applicable application fees, inspection fees, water use fees, and other District-imposed fees, submission of any required maps, documents, or supplementary information required by the District, the Board, the General Manager, or the General Manager’s designated representative, the completion of any 20-day public response period initiated through a public notice requirement, mailed notice to the extent required under Rule 8.5D below, and the submission of a hydrogeological report if required by Rule 8.5F, and any other documentation required by the District as part of the application.  The District will not take action on an application which is not administratively complete or which has preceded in a manner not consistent with District Rules.  Applicants submitting incomplete applications will be notified by the District in writing.

Fees Included with Application for Non-Exempt Wells

The application must be accompanied by all applicable fees.  The application must be submitted and all applicable fees must be paid to the District before notice is published and mailed, to the extent required by Rule 8.5D below.  Payment of all fees, including water use fees, remain the responsibility of the property owner.

Hydrogeological Report Required for Non-Exempt Wells

Applicants seeking to transport groundwater out of the District, permit a nonexempt well or modify to increase production or production capacity of a Public Water Supply, Municipal, Commercial, or Industrial, well with an inside casing diameter greater than eight (8) inches or with a pump size equal to or greater than 5 horsepower, shall submit to the District a current hydrogeological report addressing the area of influence, draw down, recovery time, and other pertinent information required by the District.  The well must be equipped for its ultimate planned use and the hydrogeologic report must address the impacts of that use.

The report must include hydrogeologic information addressing, and specifically related to, the proposed water pumpage rate intended for the well or for the transporting of water outside the District.  The District has developed guidelines for preparation of hydrogeological reports that would address District requirements.  The District will provide a copy of the hydrogeologic report guidelines to applicants upon request.  Applicants may not rely solely on reports previously filed with or prepared by the District.  If a hydrogeological report is required by this section, the hydrogeological report is a required component of all administratively complete permit applications.

Contact the District office if there are any questions about the registration process for non-exempt wells.

Non-Exempt Well Registration Form (Word Document)

Non-Exempt Well Registration Form (PDF)