4-H Water Ambassadors Program Scholarship

The District is pleased to introduce the 4-H Water Ambassadors Program Scholarship dedicated to supporting students from Austin, Grimes, Walker, and Waller Counties who are actively involved in the Program.

Our goal is to inspire the next generation to explore the vast opportunities within the water industry. The scholarship covers the annual participation fee, currently set at $250, for selected and retained ambassadors. Additionally, it provides reimbursement for expenses and participation fees associated with spring and fall retreats, conferences, and other water-related meetings and training sponsored by 4-H2O. By offering this scholarship, we aim to empower young minds to become leaders in water conservation and education. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact on our community and the future of water management.

Apply now to be a part of this exciting opportunity and contribute to the preservation and responsible use of our most precious resource, water!